What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP) a breakthrough procedure that safely and effectively cures chronic sinusitis and provides relief from recurrent sinus pain. The treatment is far less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, and can be performed in an ENT office rather than at a surgical facility.

Minimally Invasive, Easy Recovery

Balloon Sinuplasty requires no cutting or removal of nasal bone or tissue. The treatment can be completed in an ENT office and does not require general anesthesia, saving our Richmond Balloon Sinuplasty patients money and lowering the risk of possible complications. Compared to traditional sinus surgery which requires a lengthy and delicate recovery process, Balloon Sinuplasty allows patients to return to normal daily activities within about two days.

How BSP is Performed

The treatment is accomplished using a balloon catheter device which is gently inserted into the nasal cavity and expanded to reshape the passageway. Once the passageway is expanded, the device is deflated and removed, leaving behind a restructured passageway that allows for proper sinus function. Our Richmond Balloon Sinuplasty patients report immediate relief from the painful symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Some patients experience minimal amounts of swelling in the treated area which subsides in less than a week in most cases.

What is Possible With BSP

Balloon Sinuplasty has been proven effective at curing patients of their chronic sinusitis, restoring the quality of life taken from then by nagging sinus pain. Patients experience a dramatic improvement in sinus symptoms, including a reduction in the frequency of sinus infections.

Get Started with BSP

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Learn about PROPEL Sinus Stent

A balloon catheter is inserted into the inflamed sinus.

The balloon is inflated to expand the sinus opening.

Saline is sprayed into the inflamed sinus to flush out the pus and mucus.

The system is removed, leaving the sinuses open.

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